Today, in the flood of offers on the market, many products and services can be found. What sets Pantaya apart and makes it different is its story and approach to customers. Monika is not only warm-hearted, but she also comes to the rescue anytime you contact her – and she gives every customer a sense of value and being heard. I'm immensely grateful for all the advice and ideas I receive every time I find myself in a new situation – and for the fact that things work! The little things matter because trust and satisfaction are built on them. Thank you, Monika and Pantaya, for changing the world with what you do.
To describe PANTAYA and its products in one word, I’d describe it as 'TOP!' Why? 🙂 Because the products are high-quality, natural, and effective (for my 4 dogs and me). Before they hit the 'shelves,' a great deal of research, testing and development had been conducted to ensure they are truly the best. 🙂 Monika, who stands behind it all, is the warmest and sunniest person, professional, quick to respond, and she's always ready to answer any questions, and the products arrive very quickly. I'd recommend Pantaya to anyone who has dogs with chronic issues (congenital or age-related), who are dealing with allergies or other skin conditions, who have a senior dog in need of support, or even for themselves - The PEMF magnetic stimulator is great for those 'days' or in cases of scratches, sprains, muscle pain, and more. So, in short - TOP! 😍



At Pantaya, we’re committed to the well-being of your pets. Their health is your responsibility and ours, and the decisions we make affect their lives. So, we seek solutions to help your furry companions achieve better health and a happier life in a gentle and compassionate way. We also keep the environment in mind, because animal health ultimately depends on it. We strive to ensure that our products, which are made from natural ingredients, come in environmentally friendly packaging that can be recycled after use. The companies we collaborate with are also committed to reducing their environmental impact.


Our mission is to create a pleasant, heartfelt, and active community of pet owners who consider their pets as equal family members. We live for animal health, and if we didn’t love them with all our hearts, there would be no Pantaya. We believe that all furry friends deserve the best. We believe in a comprehensive and individual approach.


Without our values, we wouldn’t be here. We believe that we share the same values and the same goal – coming together for the animals. We always approach this with solutions, honesty, and a great deal of heartfelt commitment. We aim to remain transparent and always be ready to help those in need, maintaining a healthy dose of empathy and charity in our business.


If you have any questions, please write us at